Talent Assessments

We know that strong performers get better results, energize those around them and raise the bar for the entire organization. In so doing, they increase productivity, responsiveness to market and customer needs, and contribute to the overall competitive position of your business.

Organizations often use assessment services to improve the accuracy and success of key hiring and promotion decisions. Assessments are also used to help develop key managers and executives.


An experienced, trained and knowledgeable external consultant can provide an objective view that adds to the quality of those placement decisions and development initiatives.

Accelerata Consulting® Assessment Services offers:
  • Both in-person assessments and state-of-the-art, virtual assessments that provide maximum benefit for minimal time away from the office
  • Assessment components (personality and cognitive abilities tests, simulations, focused interview) that are tailored to the level and role in your organization and the particular needs of your organization
Selecting Talent.…for Key Leadership Positions

Selecting the right talent for key positions has never been more important. Your business needs individuals who can step into key roles and contribute quickly – with the right mix of skills, experiences and personality traits to face the specific challenges of the role. The cost of hiring or promoting a person with the wrong skill set can be significant – in actual search fees paid and the opportunity cost of what “could have been” for the business, if the right person had been in the job.

Talented people are often not a fit for all leadership challenges - success in one business venture does not always spell success in another, different type of business venture. For example, the person who is right for a start-up venture (flexible, creative, entrepreneurial) is often a different person from the leader who can turn around a declining business unit - analyzing and cutting costs, and streamlining complex processes and infrastructure.

Organizations often use selection assessments to increase the probability of a good hiring or promotion decision – for the benefit of both the company and the individual.
Developing Talent…. For Greater Effectiveness and Future Opportunities

Organizations often want to accelerate the growth and development of their people and understand where they fit best in the organization. Managers and executives often face new challenges to their leadership style and strategies as they advance into higher-level roles within an organization. A broad and well-rounded repertoire of skills and strategies is often needed - from critical thinking and strategic planning skills to a motivational and inspirational leadership style. A developmental assessment can help identify what skills the leader needs for maximum impact today, as well as the skills they need to develop for future roles.

Organizations also use assessments to help identify and develop its high potential talent pool for succession management.