Transition Coaching

Onboarding to a new role is an exciting opportunity for growth for the newly appointed leader. It is also a time to be particularly intentional and strategic in how he or she lays the groundwork and creates the vision for their new organization.

Increasingly, companies want to provide outside support to the newly transitioned executive - to accelerate their productivity, avoid pitfalls, and help ensure their long-term success. The newly promoted executive with an expanded scope of responsibility often benefits from Transition Coaching, as does the externally-hired executive who needs to understand the organization’s culture.

​In a Transition Coaching program, Nancy helps the newly-placed leader map out their role and develop strategies for success in the initial phase of their new assignment. The executive creates a plan to:
  • Develop a deeper understanding of where the business is today, from a performance standpoint - maintenance, turnaround, aggressive growth, etc. Identify areas of unrealized growth opportunity, as well as potential weakness or vulnerability.
  • Learn about the culture – shared beliefs and values, how decisions are made, the dynamics between groups, and how information is shared and results achieved
  • Understand expectations of senior management – how the executive’s success will be measured, and key expected outcomes and timelines. Understand how the leader’s business fits into the larger organization, from a strategic perspective.
  • Map out a strategy to develop the people, processes and systems to achieve those goals.
  • Identify the key stakeholder relationships and alliances that need to be developed, to help ensure alignment, collaboration and mutual support going forward

Length of Engagement:

Transition Coaching programs typically last from four to six months.